Shadow Box

The shadow box is a very specific form of picture framing. The main function of a shadow box is to accomodate a dimensional object and preservational enviroment for the item inside. The most frequent shadow boxes are ones you would see on a sport jersey or military recognitions like badges or medals. These examples are only barely scratching the surface of the many possibilities of what you can do with a shadow box frame. I have framed knives, guns, axes, and swords. On the softer side, I have framed wedding veils, christening gowns, and small teddy bears.

The shadow box is by nature more labor intensive and normally cost a little more than two dimensional framing . However, if you are on a budget and consider yourself a “crafty” sort of person, I can construct the frame in a fashion that you can access the back panel of the shadow box and you can install the items yourself (pins, glue, or sewing) thus saving some of the labor costs.

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